Logistics & Mobility

The intense collaboration within HCN Research e.V. is based on the profile lines: “Environment & Resources”, “Logistics & Mobility” and “ICT & Sensor Technology”.

Within the profile line “Logistics & Mobility”, the focus is on the exploitation of new market potentials. The increasing complexity and the networking of different actors, together with their heterogeneity within the global logistics networks, require increasingly standarised solutions. To this extent, information and communication technologies will be regarded as sustainable instruments to identify and implement cross-industry, cross-group and transnational solutions. In this context, the main points of previous project activities are used to make work steps transparent along the logistic value chain and to optimise such steps (paths, work processes, communication).

HCN Research e.V. enables, particularly, regional small and medium sized enterprises of the logistic sector to become an active part of the research and innovation processes. Therefore, the focus lies on applied research and development activities.