HCN Research e.V.

Goals & Functions

Integration of regional and EU-funding for a better know-how transfer to M-V and an optimisation of the regional value chain.

The research association HCN Research e.V. represents an innovative network of companies, education and research institutions and public administrations, focused on a sustainable integration and application of research and development results. Actors from different spheres and sectors contribute to identify and to connect prospects regarding regional development, sustainability and technology transfer. Regional and international projects gain know-how and sustainability, thanks to joint efforts.

HCN Research e.V. promotes development cooperation between economy, science and research activities focusing on sustainability. The following priorities have been stated in the articles of association of HCN Research e.V.:

Interdisciplinary local, regional and national collaboration and cooperation of companies, research and science institutions and organizations with the goal of enhancing competences and establishing networks

Organisation and implementation of activities in the sector of regional development, sustainability and technology transfer

Implementation and monitoring of projects to solve application problems at local, regional, national and European level

Fostering of cooperation between junior researchers within regional economies by supporting research and final engineering projects and theses as well as other research topics

Promotion of the regional business model - particularly of HCN, as an innovative and essential engine - by means of modern public relations

In principle, the possibilities offered by knowledge management should be used to identify potential partners, to apply project results effectively in the region and, where required, to start up cooperations with actors from other regions. Regional HCN Research e.V can also serve as link/bridge to and at the EU-level, with regard to regional and national fundings supporting the internationalisation and the external economic activities of the involved partners.