Environment & Resources

The intense collaboration within HCN Research e.V. is based on the profile lines: “Environment & Resources”, “Logistics & Mobility” and “ICT & Sensor Technology”.

With the strategy “Europe 2020”, the European Commission has pointed at a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth for the EU organisation and development. “Europe 2020” derives from the “Lisbon Strategy” and focuses on education, research, new green technologies and sustainability.

The main requirements for sustainability are to leave a better world for the generations to come and to secure and improve human quality of life in the long term. The ongoing environmental problems, such as the climate change and the consequences of the increasing use of resources are great challenges for a sustainable development. The new development, technology, service and organisational forms are key tools to face these challenges.

Resources protection and economic development depend closely on one another. In view of the increasingly scarce and expensive natural resources, the improvement in resource efficiency becomes a main focus in economic issues. By linking resource efficiency (saving materials, time and energy) with innovative technology developments, emerge future-oriented branches with huge growth potential.

HCN Research e.V. profile line “Environment & Resources”, fosters the exploitation and application of novel knowledge and innovations for the implementation of resource efficient environment and climate protection technologies and services.